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How to Muscle Test Your Beliefs

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Your Body and You are talking to each other all the time but are we really listening?

Our bodies are magnificent, intelligent biological machines. Every cell of our being has receptors to the energy around us and contains information about you and your body. The subconscious mind stores all the beliefs that you have -limiting or empowering, regarding all areas of your life.

Muscle testing is a way to access the information and the beliefs from the subconscious mind. This way we can find out what the subconscious knows to be true or not for you and your body.

In ThetaHealing® sessions we find the beliefs that might bring illness, lack of money, depression, self-sabotage and use the tool of Applied Kinesiology - muscle testing to "check" them with the client .

How do we do that?

There are few ways to do the muscle testing.

The Sway Method is the most popular with the clients, especially for remote sessions . The person stands straight, relaxed and states, for example- I am lovable. If the body sways forward, the belief "I am lovable"is held in the subconscious, if - backwards, the person does not believe that.

The Ring Method is when you touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the forefinger and hold strong with one hand and try to open this "ring" or "hole" with the forefinger of the other hand when making a statement. Or you can open the ring with the forefinger and the thumb of the other hand by sliding them in the ring and press outward. Try to resist this. When the ring is strong and stays closed, the statement is true for you, if it opens - the statement is not true for you.

The Arm Method can be used when someone else tests you. Standing, hold your arm straight in front of you and the other person places the forefinger and the middle finger together just above the wrist and pushes downward when you make a statement. If your arm gives way, the statement is not true for you, if the arm stays strong then the statement is a belief that you hold in the subconscious mind .

These are the main muscle testing methods that are used in ThetaHealing® sessions to test the beliefs. There are of course other techniques you can learn to muscle test. Choose one that feels comfortable for you. The important thing to remember is to be relaxed and have only the statement tested in your mind at the time of testing. Do not think about the argument you had with your spouse when you test for "Money come easily to me".

Muscle testing can only be done when the person wants to be tested. Permission has to be asked for it. If it hurts, stop and choose another method.

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