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Discover and Learn How To Manifest Quickly and Heal Yourself and Others!

 Find out how your subconscious mind works and make it work for You!

 Change limiting beliefs into EMPOWERING BELIEFS in seconds. It IS as Amazing as it sounds!

What is the course about

Did you know that Science now suggests that 95 percent of our behaviour is shaped by our subconscious and only 5 percent by our conscious mind? Subconscious is our habits, programs and beliefs that are constructing our life and shaping our reality. So we are living our life not acting quite consciously 95 percent of the time.

What are your beliefs and programs? How do they shape your reality?

These programs and beliefs can come from: our childhood,

  from ancestors through genes, they can be from the historic and soul levels.

In this Course you will learn how to identify the limiting beliefs through muscle testing and how to change them quickly into positive and empowering ones. You will open your intuitive centres and chakras and you will be able to do readings and healings through connection to the Creation Energy that Exists in All Things. You will be guided into a deep meditation to access the theta state and the subconscious mind. You will also learn how to manifest effectively, how to connect with your guardian angels and much more. This Course is 75% practice. Are you ready to have 3 days of discovery and healings?









What will you learn


  •  How Theta Healing® was founded and Vianna Stibal’s Story

  • The brain waves and what is the Theta state

  • The Psychic Senses and their activation

  • The Theta Healing® technique by connecting to the Creation Energy of All That Is, through accessing the Theta brain wave state

  • How to read and scan the body for energy blocks and illness

  • How to find and instantly change limiting beliefs that are held in your subconscious from your childhood, ancestors, past lives and Soul experiences.

  • How to test your subconscious beliefs applying Kinesiology

  • Learn how to send and co-create a healing with the Creation Energy that Exist in All Things/the Source/God

  • How to connect with your Guardian Angels

  • Who are the Soul mates and how to manifest them in your life and/or improve your existing relationship

  • How to manifest the life you want with the Planes of Existence

  • How to see your possible future and how to change it

  • Activate your dormant DNA and your youth and vitality gene

The course includes: Theta Healing book by Vianna Stibal, Manual, refreshments.

At the end of the course you will get certified as a Theta Healing DNA Basic Practitioner that will allow you to use your acquired skills as a practitioner if you choose so.

Prerequisites: None

Investment: £395.00

20-22 April 2018

20 April 18:00 -22:00

21-22 April 10:00 -18:00



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