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Discover and Learn How To Attract and Manifest your Most Compatible Soul Mate!


What is the course about

"This course is designed for romantic and spiritual people who have not lost faith- faith that somewhere out in the world, a person of like mind is gazing up at the same heavens, a person who could be that special someone. Someone who could share a passion that is divine in nature, creating or recreating a relationship that is felt even unto the soul, reborn with such an intensity that both feel they could be parts of one being. In short, it is for people who are looking for a soul mate" Vianna Stibal






What will you learn

  • Discover if you have more than one soul mate

  • What is a twin flame

  • How to manifest for a new soul mate

  • Opening your sacral and heart chakra to receive love

  • Discover what traits you have and can offer in a relationship

  • Energetic divorce from past relationships, cord cutting

  • Clearing vows and oaths

  • Heart Song Exercise to heal and open your heart to more love

  •  Learn to hold a higher vibration to magnetise a greater love for yourself and your soul mate

  • Energy clearing from the moment of conception to heal worthiness & self-esteem issues

  • Healing past lives of trauma with love

  • Discover if you have the monogamy gene

  • Clear limiting beliefs about relationships, marriage, spirituality and sexuality 

The course includes: Finding Your Soul Mate book by Vianna Stibal, Manual, refreshments.

At the end of the course you will get certified as a Theta Healing Soul Mate Practitioner that will allow you to use your acquired skills in your practice.

Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced Course

Investment: £275.00

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