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"Your Beliefs establish the instructions for how you want to operate your biological being"

Theta Elates offers ThetaHealing® sessions that can transform your life in any area that you choose: work, success, relationships, physical health. We also offer ThetaHealing® Courses that certifies ThetaHealing® Practitioners. 



Anastasia Borta

Hi, I am the ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor at Theta Elates where we dive in the human potential to heal, transform and create. The tools that we use are the Theta Brain wave, the Observer's Effect from Quantum Mechanics, the conscious connection to the Creative Energy of All That Is and The Universal Law of Free Will.











"You have superpowers within you that are dormant and need to be awakened. Learn how to put to use your own intuition relying on the Creative Energy of All That Is to do the actual work"

This course is designed to lift you higher in your pursuit of evolving as a practitioner. You will receive a great number of downloads that will bring you deep healing and learnings

The Course is a prerequisite for further development in your journey into ThetaHealing® and for taking the other Courses.

Articles about ThetaHealing®
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